Vision and Mission

The vision of the Children’s Ministry at Crossroads is to foster maturity in

our covenant children to know and love God and love others.

Nourished by the gospel, we will create a haven of spiritual nurture and instruction for children to become worshippers in the home, school, and community.

Nursery (ages 0-2)

The nursery of Crossroads is a ministry to the families of the congregation and to visitors who attend church functions. We exist to provide parents with opportunities for their own Christian growth by having the freedom to worship, study, and fellowship to the fullest.  We believe our nursery-age children to be an important part of our church family and strive to provide a loving and safe environment. Volunteers are asked to help in the maintenance of a clean and safe environment. They are encouraged to share their Christian faith through songs and books about Jesus & by nurturing in a loving manner. 

Elementary (preK - 2nd)

Our purpose is to teach children biblical truths at age-appropriate levels and also to teach them to worship the Lord with prayer, praise, adoration, and thanksgiving. We assist parents as they raise their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Volunteers are fulfilling their congregational baptismal vows as they teach and serve children within the church. In addition, volunteers serve as a bridge to visiting families with children by welcoming their children and caring for their children during the Sunday school hour.

Spark (3rd - 5th)

The goal of Spark is to bring a community of children in a deeper understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Coming alongside the parents in discipleship, our goal is that the truth of the Gospel would influence every aspect of their lives. In the years leading into middle school, we hope that these Biblical truths will take root in the hearts of the children in a way that allows them to grow into young adults who love and serve the Lord.