ADulT Class // Winter '24

Orthodoxy taught by Kyle Keating
G.K. Chesterton’s seminal apologetic work Orthodoxy was published over one hundred years ago. And yet as you read him talk about the disenchanting effects of modernism, the shift toward moral relativism, and the anxiety and purposeless of his age, it is easy to believe that he was speaking into our day. Join us as we take a deep dive into one of the most challenging but rewarding Christian books written in the 19th century, seeing how Chesterton offers a compelling picture of the beauty of old-fashioned, biblical orthodoxy even for a modern, increasingly post-Christian world. To get the most out of this Sunday School, it is recommended that you read along with each chapter at home during the week. The version edited by Trevin Wax, with annotations and guided questions is recommended. We will have some on hand at the church as well. If you’re unsure, feel free to attend the first session to get background on the book and Chesterton as well as a preview of what we will cover.

Jesus’ Farewell Message: John 13-17 taught by Matt Seilback

Maybe you’ve hungered for a deeper walk with the Lord but aren’t sure how that actually happens. We know that Jesus said, “Let not your hearts be troubled,” but he didn’t live on earth in the 21st century! What does Jesus really mean when he says, “let not your hearts be troubled”? What does it look like to “abide in Him”? How do we experience meaningful intimacy with God? We’ll take 6 weeks to unpack these questions, and more, with the help of Francis Chan’s video series: Jesus’ Farewell Message, based on the Upper Room Discourse found in John chapters 13-17.