Fall '23 Classes

Over the next 6 weeks, Pastor Josiah Green will be leading a class called Seeing Christ In Exodus in the Fellowship Hall. In this course, we will delve into the significant events and remarkable figures from the Exodus story. Together, we will discover how Christ’s life and ministry beautifully fulfills each aspect of this narrative as we connect the dots between Exodus and the New Testament.

Our Women's Ministry DirectorCandace Blackwelder, will be teaching a class called "Life...What's the point?: A Study in Ecclesiastes in the Lounge this fall. In some way or another, we all wrestle with the meaning of life whether it be in the mundane of loading the dishwasher again, ongoing dissatisfaction with our jobs, or unimaginable sorrow. Over the course of 13 weeks, we study this Old Testament wisdom literature together and explore how it might stir our minds and hearts to faithfully follow Jesus through the ups and downs of life. We'll explore the ways the writer wrestles with God in work, pleasure, money, death, time, and knowledge.