Adult Christian Education

Beginning 8.22.21 // Sundays 9:15-10:15a

#1 Kingdom Ethics: Living Virtuously as Citizens of God's Kingdom  
(Taught in the fellowship hall by Kyle Keating)

Using the Ten Commandments as our guide, this class will examine what it looks like to live virtuously as citizens of God's Kingdom in our increasingly post-Christian world. We'll take the principles derived from the commandments and put them to use considering a variety of concrete, real-world questions as varied as: Is it okay to draw images of Jesus? Should you take a job that requires you to work on Sundays? Should someone transition from one gender to another? Come join us for in depth discussions of these questions and more!

#2 Friendship

(Taught in the lounge by Stewart Brenegar and Jamie Lee Green)

Come join us as we explore friendship! God made us to thrive when we have good friendships, and we need them in every season of life. We will explore why friendship is so important for the Body of Christ, why it can be so difficult to build and find, and how we can cultivate friendships in our daily lives. Come be a friend with us!