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Education: After leaving school at age 15 and completing a horticultural apprenticeship, I then went on to earn my B.A. in Biblical History. Later I completed an M.Div and an M.A. in Christianity and Contemporary Culture. I have a Th.M that is 90% completed but it has been 90% completed for several years now. It may even be that I am no longer in the program. I probably should check.

Family: I am married to Terri and together we have two children, Michelle and Paul.

Favorite Books: I enjoy reading pretty much anything relating to Arthurian mythology. However, because it has been suggested to me that Arthurian myth is not the best place to draw my theology, so I also read books by the likes of John Calvin, John Murray, John Frame and other "Johns" of renown.

Favorite scripture: 1 Chronicles 16:17-18 (in the KJV).

Favorite things to do: Read, watch and discuss film, spend time with people, anything sedentary really.

Little known facts about me: I have a strong dislike for umbrellas. It's irrational, and yet the dislike remains with me.