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Favorite Quote: "God's honor consists precisely in the fact that he redeems and renews the same humanity, the same world, the same heaven, and the same earth that have been corrupted and polluted by sin." Herman Bavinck, Last Things, 157.

Family: II have a wonderful wife, Lisa. We were married in May of '91. The Lord has blessed us with a rich family life. Early in our marriage we lost two daughters due to congenital defects but the Lord has wonderfully "restored the years the locusts have eaten, blessing us with three sons Josiah age 13, Malachi age 13, and Isaiah 13, along with four daughters, Lydia age 11, Sophia age 10, Gabriella age 7, and Zoë age 5.

Education: I have a bachelor's in Communications from Calvin College, in '91. My M.Div. is from Covenant Seminary in '99.  In 2009 I finally finished a doctor of Ministry degree from Covenant Seminary, writing my dissertation in the area of sermon delivery.

Hope and Vision for Crossroads: That the Lord would mold us into and authentic worshipping community for the community. Or in other words that the church might be a place where hurting people can find hope and healing as we focus together on the truths of the Gospel, but that we not be content to keep it for ourselves but that we seek to share this "living water" with others.

Favorite Things: Time with Family, Any sport with a ball, Waterskiing, A cup of java with friends.

Favorite Reads: Lord of the Rings Trilogy, JRR Tolkien; The Call, Os Guiness; Near Unto God, Abraham Kuyper

Little known fact about me: I hate bellybuttons.