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Understanding Servant Ministries at Crossroads

Christian mercy is acting in love toward another person (having compassion by suffering with them and being involved in their life) out of the realization of the mercy of God in sending His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to die for us, His one-time enemies. Mercy ministries are deeds done in the humility that comes through wisdom. Wisdom is cultivated through the knowledge of God's word and humility springs from understanding that it is through Christ that we are justified before a holy God and that it is through Him alone, not on our own strength, that we persevere in faith and are being made holy.


Crossroads Presbyterian Fellowship's commitment to mercy ministries is wedded to its commitment to the Holy Bible. Jesus Christ was a prophet mighty in word and deed, and we seek to be so as His church. It is evident that a faithful and sincere commitment to the word must necessarily produce a faithful and sincere commitment to deeds of love and compassion. An absence of faith in the Bible leads to no good works, and conversely, an absence of sincere compassion and love points to an absence of any grounding in scripture. Mercy is essential to our witness as a church to the world, and to the truth of the Bible which displays the reconciling kingdom ministry of Jesus Christ. Deeds of love point to the truth of the word of God and the power of the gospel, and the absence of love points to the absence of the gospel.


Crossroads' commitment to mercy begins with her leadership and flows through to the entire congregation. The elders of Crossroads hold a high view of scripture and one practical result of this is that a priority is placed on ministries of mercy. Elders are charged with teaching and shepherding the church and deacons with caring for the needs of those in distress. Thus, at Crossroads, the deacons, under the authority of the elders, have charged the Servant Ministry Team with administering and encouraging Church members to serve in areas of need in our community: work to serve Joe's Place, the home for homeless teens, partner with the Maplewood High School Mentoring Program, help those who come to the church with any need, including financial, physical, emotional, or spiritual, seek to help meet needs through relationships, and intentionally reach out to the homeless and poor in Maplewood, Members of the church are called to examine and use their gifts to do these ministries for the glory of God and for the good of the church.


Mercy ministries are an outworking of the Gospel. We have received and do receive anew on a daily and weekly (through gathered worship) basis, the knowledge of this great Gospel of grace. Let us as a church always be giving a reason for the hope that is within by faithfully proclaiming the word of God and by faithfully showing forth its fruits through acts of love and compassion.




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