Children's Ministry

Our Vision: Crossroads Presbyterian Fellowships Children's Ministries exist to assist families and children in their participation in Christ-centered worship, Grace-centered fellowship, and Kingdom-centered outreach.

We believe that children are heirs to all the promises in Christ, and as such we encourage their participation in the full life of the church.  Children of all ages are welcome to join us in our worship service and we understand that wiggles and giggles might be part of the process as they learn to join with those around them in worshiping our loving Father.

As Crossroads seeks to minister to the families that worship at Crossroads, we have several ministries to encourage children in worship, fellowship and outreach.

  • Nursery: Nursery is available at both sites.  At the Maplewood site, it is available for children 0-2 during Sunday school, and 0-4 during the worship service.   At our Olivette campus, nursery is available for children 0-2 during the worship service.
  • Sunday School: Telling children about the story of God's love in the Bible is a wonderful privelege.  While it starts at home, we are happy to tell children about the love of Jesus so that they can grow in their relationship with Him.  Please see the church's Sunday School page for more information.
  • Children's Worship: Children are part of the body of Christ and we want to prepare them for worship.  For those children that don't stay in the worship we have Children's Worship available at both sites to teach them about the elements of a service.  They also have a lesson from the Bible that is shared from one of our adult teachers.  It is available for children 4-7 at Maplewood, and grades 1-5 at Olivette.
  • Summer Art Camps: Art is a wonderful way to express our love and worship to God.  Each summer we offer a community-wide art camp for elementary-aged children in Olivette and Maplewood.  The children are introduced to basics of art, color, artists, art history, and other concepts in fun and creative ways.



Crossroads West

11971 Borman Drive

St. Louis, MO 63146

(314) 722-6212

Service Time: 10:00 am

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Crossroads East

2640 Oakview Terrace

Maplewood, MO 63143

(314) 644-0030

Service Time: 10:30 am

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