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Oaks of Righteousness

March 6th, 2015

by Dave Anderson

I’m relieved winter is winding to a close; I’m turning into a cold-weather wimp, so much so that I’ve told Kari that if Florida retirement ever appeals to me, to take me to the nearest vet and have me put down. I enjoy each season. God is creation’s great artist, and his splendor radiates in unique colors each season. Even in this transitional season, with neither bud nor bright leaf, God paints His glory through aged, withered, yawning, and stark wooden browns.

Commuting to Crossroads, I pass countless telephone poles and aged trees. Although they stand perfectly straight, I never gasp in amazement at the telephone poles. I never stare at such straightness, marvel at their utility (holding up lines), or stare at such perfect symmetry.  But I do marvel at the trees. Some are knotty; others nurse gaping wounds, some heave while others buckle. Some bear gaping scars, hide gnarly blemishes, and show haunting pox. Each tree has weathered howling winds, biting cold, gnawing bugs, scorching heat, and automobile exhaust. Although each has grown slowly and inevitably upwards, not one stands ‘telephone pole’ erect.

Yet, beneath the surface each tree has grown a vast root system. And hidden from sight each has fed generations of squirrels, raised birds, beautified yards, captured the eye of the occasional commuter, and given praise to its creator. Likewise, God grows knotty, wounded, heaving, bent and pocked sinners like us into strong ‘oaks of righteousness’. A tree doesn’t feel its growth. And we don’t daily notice growth. But Jesus says, if we have faith in Him, no bigger than a pinhead (a mustard seed) we’ll slowly, but surely bear much fruit to His glory. As much as I can hardly believe it, because of Jesus we will become Oaks of Righteousness Is. 61:3….Instead of a spirit of despair. They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the LORD for the display of his splendor.

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