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Why Register for our Intro to Crossroads Class? Part I

February 13th, 2015

by Dave Anderson

Prove to me that I should join a church? I admit I can’t show you “membership class” in the Bible. But I can show you Christians uniting together in mission and leadership. If we step back and ask, “what does the Christian life look like? Does the Gospel make us independent or interdependent? Is it important to unite with Christians in a more intentional way than we do with your Costco I.D. checker, Mail person, or stranger sharing a Bus awning on Monday mornings?

Church membership honors nearly 2000 years of church history (Acts 2:47; 1 Tim. 3:1; Hebrews 13:17). Although there is no thorough description of how the ancient church received members in Scripture, that it received members is clear.  The book of Acts tells us that new converts were added to their number.  1 Timothy describes the primary church leadership position using the terms elder and overseer.  Although it’s a deduction again, it’s a reasonable one.  It would be functionally impossible to oversee any body of people who have made no pledge to any truth, duties or each other.  Hebrews urges Christians to submit to spiritual leaders over them, implying once again, some official, recognized commitment between leaders and members.  The ancient church adopted a formal system of catechizing, or instructing new converts before they were received as members in the church community.  This practice, of receiving members into Christ’s church, has stood the test of nearly 2000 years, is supported implicitly in Scripture, and was the church’s practice for the past 2000 years.  Such a practice merits our real consideration. And in Acts, early church ‘members’ shared life together –meals, prayer, apostles teaching. Interestingly, they “continued” to meet together in this way.

Public church membership vows identify you formally as a believer in Jesus Christ (Eph. 2:19; Rom. 12:5). Much like public wedding ceremonies, a “membership” tells the world you belong to Jesus and His people.  You’re attached, and no longer a “in circulation.” You’d probably feel hurt and suspicious of a spouse who took off his ring before heading to the office.  Just as both spouses wear their bands in public, membership is the church’s “wedding band” and public declaration. In becoming a member, we make mutually binding promises.   Public declarations solemnize important commitments: marriage, election to public office, swearing in, and giving public testimony in a court of law. Even if you seldom think about your ring, others seldom notice your hand, and your spouse hasn’t noticed, the public ceremony and wedding band are ring are tangible reminders of our vows to find our lives in laying them down for our spouses.

Whether it’s losing weight, getting a degree, learning to play the piano, it’s hard to make progress without healthy, well-intentioned “peer pressure” to help us translate our noble aspirations into concrete action. Public vows and personal membership commitments invite healthy peer pressure to for us to keep going with Jesus. It’s true. Many people simply attend a church, many simply ‘shack up’, and judges, policemen, politicians, spouses and pastors break their vows. But ask yourself, ‘would this world be a better place if we never aspired to something great, made vows, and banded together to love others?’ Why join a Church? It’ll help you live for the one who loved you lavishly!

Whether you’re just curious or committed, click here to register for our Membership class starting Feb. 22.

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